Join to the elite club of YoomiRobotics luxury prototype owners!

A total of 200 prototypes will be minted with a rarity of 1/1. Royalty on secondary sales 10%. Each prototype is hand-made 3D rendering with individual 32-bit color correction. Numbers 50, 100, 150 and 200 are special editions and will be minted at the end, after number 199.

Story Art

The story of YoomiRobotics will be told in text and NFT art. You can see All NFTs that relate to the story or choose to navigate to specific episodes.

Mini Collections

Mini Collections are Story Art that complement the story. Each item in the mini collections is multiply edition.

NFT Manuscripts

We write the Story of YoomiRobotics Space and create NFT pages from it. These are digital Manuscripts. One page is one NFT. Each page has an edition of 10/10. This is done so that you can assemble a full episode from these pages if you want to. With a single edition, this is almost impossible. NFT manuscripts will be minted in our collection on Polygon Blockchain. We think this is a good idea.