Join to the elite club of YoomiRobotics luxury prototype owners!

A total of 200 prototypes will be minted, edition 1/1. Royalty on secondary sales 10%. Each prototype is hand-made 3D rendering with individual 32-bit color correction. Numbers 50, 100, 150 and 200 are special editions and will be minted at the end, after number 199.


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For 70 years, we have made humanity’s dreams of artificial intelligence and life a reality. Yoomi Robotics is always at the forefront of science and engineering, transforming science fiction into everyday life. 

We create friends, assistants, defenders and simply highly qualified specialists for all occasions.

Each of our serial development is led by flagship prototype, the art of engineering. This prototype is the very first in the series, in the maximum configuration and sometimes contains functionality and developments that are not available in mass models for many reasons.

Each such prototype is unique and inimitable in its kind and is, a collectible, an example of luxury and taste, a sign of the exclusiveness and privilege of its owner.

Each model is a art, both in terms of functionality and appearance. Buying our newest Androids, you can be sure that there is no other such thing in the universe anymore. You are the one and only owner of this miracle.

We give a lifetime warranty for all our the newest robots and free service for the first 10 years after purchase (* as part of the “Yoomi Club” loyalty program)