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0001 YR News

One year ago.


– Good morning, Solar Federation! Today is July 3, 2321, time of SNet 8:00 a.m. and with you, as usual, YR News and me, Jo Zhe La Vo Yoomi. Hello!

– A lot of interesting things happened while you were sleeping, and more will happen very soon. But don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything and you won’t miss anything!

– So, let me tell this in order. Yesterday, President Paill Florise Tun Vo Beevanat spoke in the Senate with his annual message. In his speech, the President addressed a number of important issues to the people of the Earth. Such as: food crisis, insufficient terraforming rate of Mars, overpopulation, poor ecology and a number of other topics that are traditionally present in every annual message. A major part of Paill Florise Tun vo Beevanat’s speech was devoted to plans for the development of near and deep space. And this is something new. I strongly recommend you to read this fragment. I will send you a full version of the speech now.

– Next.

– ArtIn Deffender initiated large-scale manoeuvres of the space fleet beyond the orbit of Jupiter, within the framework of the Law «On Optimization of the Space Group of the Armed Forces of Intra-system Defense», which a month ago, after a heated debate, was adopted in the Parliament. I will remind you, this Law implies a significant reduction in the space contingent, as well as in warships and supply ships, if there will be an unsatisfactory result of these manoeuvres. I’m sure that’s not gonna happen, because our valiant fighter will do these maneuvers perfectly. If your loved ones are serving in the Space Fleet, I recommend contacting them immediately, because there will be no connection with them until the manoeuvres are completed. That’s the rules.

– Honeybear! I love you! Show ‘em!

– I’m sorry.

– The Ministry of Planetary Defense asked me to remind you that no matter if the maneuvers will go well or badly, the Solar Federation always needs recruits. If you want stability, a state pension, free health insurance for you and your two family members during your period of service, an increase in your civil status – you’ll get it all after a standard ten-year contract. The list of recruitment centers closest to you is already in your interface. Due to the latest labor market data, this offer is more than relevant. But my colleagues from the Economic News Bloc are going to talk about it later.

– Yesterday, the Yoomiro City Police Department eliminated another clandestine medical clinic in the 13th district of DownTown, which provided not only poor-quality and life-threatening illegal medical services, but also dealt with augmentation, installation of decommissioned and discontinued implants, and additional modules. According to preliminary data, several thousand people have been injured as a result of the activities of this criminal organization. More precise data on the victims is not available, because all information about their patients was destroyed by the owners of this “butchery”. Unfortunately, we all know that there are many such clinics in DownTown, and with the closure of one, the situation will not change much. Because, despite all the risks and consequences of medical procedures in these agencies, the demand for their services is stable high.

– Residents of Yoomiro City, if you need medical care, please address only to the official, certified clinics of Yoomi Robotics! Only there you will receive quality and safe medical care, perform the most complex augmentation and install the latest implants that will make your life better and brighter without any risk to your health. I’ve already sent you a complete list of official clinics. Electronic certificates of their authority are attached.

– In conclusion, the temperature near the Coronal Generator is 2 million degrees. The temperature near the orbital shipyard of Starship Industries is – 459 degrees Fahrenheit, and the temperature near Yoomi Robotics Congress Hall is +75 degrees Fahrenheit…

– And you thought I’d forgotten? Ha-ha-ha! Of course not! That’s the big news. Today, Enáya Nakimaruto Kun Vo Yoomi will officially announce the launch of a charity fund to establish twenty free medical clinics in different parts of DownTown. These clinics will work under the patronage of the Shadon Research Center, and their work will be supervised by Miss Enaya personally. There’s talk that these clinics will provide assistance to all, regardless of medical insurance. But this information is not verified and I didn’t tell you anything. We’re waiting for the official presentation from Enáya Nakimaruto Kun vo Yoomi which starts at 11 a.m.

– Our colleagues are already there and are broadcasting from the scene. Join in. It will be great! I’m sending you an address in SNet. Access is free.

– But the main intrigue of this event is the question: Will we see Shaema, the love of all today? Lady Enaya very rarely takes her to official events, so her appearance is more desirable. A sweepstake has already been run on the outcome of this event. I have made a bet, but I’m not going to tell you which one. I can send you the address of a trusted and reliable bookmaker. Cross your fingers, and place your bets!

– And in conclusion, of course, a few words about the high-profile and most amazing release of this year by Yооmi Robotics – the release of a new generation of Lux androids, which head 200 flagship prototypes in maximum configuration. Portable nuclear reactor with 10 years of fuel cell replacement, newest quantum processors, bodies from «Living Steel». These prototypes are the real art of engineering, including all the best and the most advanced that mankind has! All mass production models will be created in their likeness, but worse in their composition and materials. Only these 200 will be luxury models.

– The first stage of sales of these extraordinary Prototypes has already been completed, and it is not yet known when a new one will start. But there are still a few of them on the free market. I strongly recommend you visit the official Yoomi Robotics marketplace and choose your Prototype. I have chosen mine and look forward to receiving the annual award «Best Journalist Yoomiro City 2321» to take it. By the way, if you haven’t voted for me in this nomination yet – you just have to do it right now! I sent you a link on the interface. I’m waiting for your vote!

– That’s all from me. This is Jo Zhe La Vo Yoomi. Follow the news of the YR News, and I give the floor to my colleagues from the economic bloc. Have a good day! See you later!


NFT Manuscripts

Editions 10/10. Pages 9-14