Story-EN of YRS

0002 Enaya

0002 Enaya
3 July 2321 Solar system
Planet Earth, Yoomiro City
Yoomi Central Tower
Floor 430, Enaya Nakimaruto Kun Vo Yoomi Apartment
SNet time: 09:30 a.m.

Here you can sing and laugh, and bathe your fingers in pearls
You can walk on the boulevards, and with the net of sly smiles,
You can catch the mother of pearl fishes in a girl’s eyes
And sell them at the bazaar for a ruble.
Va Bank – Eldorado


– Good morning Enaya, you asked me to wake you up early. Today is an important day and you сan’t be late. You told me that yesterday. So, wake up.

The pleasant female voice of the electronic apartment manager spread softly among the succulent green leaves and colourful, exotic flowers that grew everywhere transforming the living space into a piece of tropical paradise.

The apartments were located on the 430th floor of the Yoomi Robotics main tower, overlooking above the endless ocean of clouds. In the east, the morning sun was rising sedately and slowly looking inside through absolutely transparent walls and filling everything around with warmth and comfort. The irrepressible birds that woke up celebrated the beginning of a new day with their trills.

The girl grumbled displeased, turned on her side and pulled the blanket over her head.

– Enaya, I know that you are already awake. You have to get up. Don’t make me resort to extreme measures.

The girl put the pillow over her head hissing angrily and wrapped herself in the blanket, leaving only her nose sticking out. In a second something wet and rough licked her nose.

The girl screamed, – Shaema, go away! – and pushed the white tiger’s face away, shifted to the other side, pressing the pillow against her head, and hiding her nose under the blanket.

A white tiger named Shaema, one of the three bio-machines on the planet, was not at all embarrassed by her familiarity, and she was ready to jump on the bed. As if she seeing it deaf voice came from under the pillow:

– You better not do this…

– Enaya, you left me no choice, but to forgive me in advance, – and as soon as the manager’s voice went quiet, all the apartments went into a cacophony of screaming, hitting the brain sounds with a piercing squeaky voice. The birds went quiet and threw themselves in different directions. Shaema pinned her ears, roared turning her head, and looking for the source of the noise.

– Lee! – The girl screamed, kicked the pillow out and put her hands over her ears, – Not Acid Kittens! Why are you doing this to me?! Turn it off!!

– Are you awake?

– Yes! Just turn it off! Please!

– Are you sure you’re awake?

– Lee, I’ll kill you…

– All right, all right. I listen and obey, – and the music instantly subsided deafening silence. The girl was relieved and blissfully leaned back covering her eyes.

– Enaya… – An electronic manager named Lee started, – I know how much you love this band, and I can turn on it again…

– No, no, no, don’t, – groaning and muttering to herself something about sadists and blackmailers the girl got out of bed. The first thing, she triggered the status indicator. It was an intense orange-red color, a little redder than yesterday. Bad. The girl frowned. Grandpa wasn’t online, he’s probably resting.

A tiger came up as if she felt something and looked into Enaya’s eyes. The girl thoughtfully scratched behind her ear then smiled, grabbed Shaema’s face with two hands, and said: «I love you too, my beauty» – She pecked her on the pink wet nose. The tiger was unleashed unhappily and began to snort.

Enaya laughed and walked down the marble steps of the parapet on which was her bed. She spread the leaves of the dwarf palms and came out of her «bedroom».
The girl squinted at the bright sun, yawned, stretched sweetly, and throwing a nightgown off dove into the pool gracefully.

Enaya loved it very much. No one else had pools like this, at least not with this view. By the pool, the bottom was as transparent as the walls and ceiling around it, and it went far enough away from the tower. Thanks to this, when a girl swam here during the day she thought she was swimming in the clouds. And at night lying on the water and looking at the clear dark sky she felt the universe rocking her in the waves. No sounds, no thoughts, just her and the stars…
While swimming underwater and looking down on the fluffy snow-white clouds, the girl took an incoming call from the SNet.

– Miss Enn, are you ready? The Flyer will be ready in 10 minutes.

– In 15

– Okay, in 15. But not a minute later!

– Okay, Useel. Don’t distract me.

– Good – Useel’s singing voice, the assistant of Enaya Nikimaruto, the granddaughter of the legendary founder of Yoomi Robotics, is gone, and the call to the internal interface was hung up.

Enaya came out of the pool and passed her fingers through her hair. Her fingers immediately bump into ugly scar on her head. Slowly, she put her hand further, shaking off the rest of the water. Her hair was practically dry.

The girl could remove that scar at any time. She didn’t even have to lie in the medical medical pod to do it. But she didn’t knowingly do it. She wanted this scar to be with her forever. To remember and never forget the day she got it…

It was one of the reasons why she wore hair on the head styling it like some ancient lady from the historical VR. All the fashion and style masters laughed at her quirk, but no one dared to tell her it. She was the daughter of Taarval Nakimaruto, the hereditary «princess» of Yoomi Robotics. And princesses can do anything. They can grow horns on their head.

By the way, the horns…

The last drop of water fell from the naughty lock…

Enaya activated YRPS (YoomiRobotics Personal Space)

At the same time, she ended up on the shores of a tropical island. Her islands.

The toes were dipped in warm wet sand. A light breeze brought with it a fresh smell of the ocean. There were the seagulls squawking in the distance. Behind the back, branches of palms idly rustled. A small wave of crystal emerald water washed her feet with a pleasant cool and carried sand residue from her feet. A little further she hears a splash of water on the side of a magnificent cruise yacht.

High in the sky, hidden in a light atmospheric haze, majestically passed the Wafting Islands. Flogs of winged creatures were circling between them like coloured dots.

The girl breathed, smiled and sat down at a cosmetic table with a huge panoramic mirror standing right there on the beach.

– Horns… – Enaya spoke thoughtfully and there was an endless collection of horns in the mirror. From small pairs and almost invisible to huge combat mono horns used as weapons in the arena. Some of them were only organic, while others were symbiosis of organic and nanite tissues. Each specimen from the gallery had a detailed description of the necessary gene chains and mutagens to grow them. Information on the price of any products from the catalogue Enaya turned off long ago so it wouldn’t take up the space in the cards, and never looked at it.

After trying on three dozen different horns, she concluded that the small horns would not be visible because of the hair, and the large ones would prevent her from wearing hats. Although, she doesn’t wear hats every day, and hats are different… Well, I have to think about it.

She added the liked horns to the bookmarks and closed the shop page.

– So, what’s Useel got for me?

The whole collection of Enayas appeared on the mirror, they posed for her in different outfits and with different makeup, spinning in different directions.

The girl quickly picked her haircut, this was never a problem, took a card and activated the door. She came into the mirror room, where she took turns to try on all 24 images. Some of them she tried several times. And she opted for a variant in which she had dark brown pupils, light, practically invisible make-up, a strict and conservative color of skin without patterns and ornaments called «Scandinavian fairy tales». This look was perfectly combined with the weather, which will be during her speech in «Yoomi Robotics Congress Hall»

She chose an evening gown with tropical butterflies. The fabric of this dress was intermixed with the finest threads – the component parts of the halo projector. It projected butterflies on the dress «alive» that flew around. They sat on it, moving wings to show themselves in all its glory. It wasn’t some cheap VR from the pathetic District 9 to hide the surrounding dirt of reality. It was a real halo projection. You could even touch those butterflies.

The shoes were the same thing. They projected ocean waves on their feet, washed her foot, and in place of «footprints», where her foot stood, they projected blossoming flowers and green grass.

Enaya spent a lot of time making some of the butterflies land on those flowers from the dress, but it didn’t work.

Unhappy with the pursed lips, she kept the look and came out of the mirror room. Standing on the beach, she again took the deck of cards out, found the right card with the green bronze door, activated it and entered the testing room of her research workshop.

The research workshop was a separate biome, located in the bowels of the island and several different roads led to this place.

One road led through the underwater caves from the ocean. The second led through the mouth of a dormant volcano at the northern end of the island. And the game path through the rainforest, where a girl only with a bow and a knife had to be the first to reach the entrance of the workshop, fighting various enemies on the way and escaping local natural disasters, demonstrating wonders of ingenuity and survival skills.

There were several other roads, but today Enaya was too lazy to pass them, and she was not really in the mood for such entertainment. So the girl chose just a door and then she ended up in the workshop.

Enaya was immediately surrounded by a clang and a bang of machines, a vapor, a welding flashes and the screams of Pivaz – the chief foreman. Pivaz was a small and awkward green man with big long ears sticking out in different directions, and a noticeable tummy. He was dressed in spacious, greasy shorts. On the head was an iron helmet in the form of a pan with round glasses with a set of different coloured replacement lenses. He was standing in the back of a long hangar surrounded by the same green men in helmets, but without glasses, and he was hitting people upside the head. At the same time, he was shouting and banging with a hammer on the gear of the lifting mechanism, apparently showing how to do it.

In fact, Pivaz and his crew were bots, specialised programs, intended for management. And the workshop was a reflection of the microscopic part of the power of ArtIn Yoomi Robotics, which at the time has allocated for the beloved granddaughter Satochi Nakimaruto.

But it wasn’t really an artificial intelligence. It was a huge, very expensive, very smart neuronetwork. He easily passed the Turing test, but neither he nor any other network created by humanity could have passed the Marlonte-Vaar test. Despite this, everybody used to call them ArtIn.

Enaya, grinning from ear to ear and continuing to watch Pivaz’s educational work, went to her desktop and sat in her favorite chair. She remembered her birthday when her grandfather gave her this workshop and this visualization for bots. They were amazing and she smiled every time she talked to them.

All their clumsiness and stupidity were not reflected in her calculations, simulations and design of new processes, and the mood was great. It was the best gift of her life. This one and Shaema, of course. Without them, she would have run away to the slums of Down Town to disappear.

The smile faded from the girl’s face and her face darkened, but after a second, she shook her head as if she banished dark thoughts, and got out headed to her green employees.

– Oh, lady.. How long have you been here? – Pivaz saw Enaya approaching, and stopped telling his subordinate what to do with his opinion on how to repair the lifting machines.

– Hey, Pivaz, what’s new? – The foreman stretched out and tried to suck in his gut to look solid. He didn’t succeed, of course, but Enaya appreciated the attempt and grinned pretty wide. In doing so, Pivaz made short and invisible, in his view, steps to the right, covering the gear with his back. Then he remembered the hammer in his hand and stuck it to the nearest worker, pretending nothing had happened. The worker stared at him, looking at the girl, and immediately hid the hammer behind his back.

– New? Nothing. We’re good. We keep working on the plan. All right. – reported Pivaz – Do you want to conduct a search or just look at the report?

– Give me the report, short.

– As you wish, – the foreman said with relief and rushed to the workbench with a pile of papers. Digging through them, he found what he was looking for and handed a piece of paper to the girl.

She ran over the report and sighed in disappointment. These were the results of ArtIn training for new android prototypes. Everything was on track, there were no disruptions, but there were no breakthroughs. The last generation of quantum processors was perfect. Nillim and Celiss were trained with different data, but ultimately there was no big difference, despite the rather significant differences in architecture and teaching methods. ArtIn were expensive and clever, but they remained ArtIn. There was no hint of Artificial Mind, Grandfather’s greatest dream, the Holy Grail of his life, and now it wasn’t. Whatever they did, whatever options and approaches they tried in this workshop, the result was always the same: excellent neural networks based on compact and super-powerful quantum processors in the bodies of the best androids in the Solar System from Yoomi Robotics.

– Would you like to amend the report? – Pivaz asked.

– No, keep working the plan. Actually, let’s increase the iteration one order here. And we’ll replace this module with the next one.

– As you wish, lady. We’ll do it as best we can.Don’t hesitate – and all the workers around were shaking their heads, confirming the words of their supervisor, while several helmets flew, crashed to the floor and rolled in different directions. Pivaz got up and started to hit upside the head hissing through his teeth about showing homage to the mistress, and about having a couple of ideas on how to securely attach these helmets to foolish heads.

Enaya laughed and deactivated YRPS.

… The last drop of water fell from the disobedient lock and fell to the floor.

The girl walked to the synthesizer, stroking the flowers growing on the inner wall of the apartment, and took a crystal glass of amber fluid. According to the YRPS makeup settings, the synthesizer prepared a cocktail containing all the necessary amino acids, microelements, mutagens and DNA activators needed to change the pigmentation of the skin cells and pupils. Making small sips of the glass and singing something, Enaya entered the dressing room, where dress and shoes were waiting for her, with defined settings. Her hair gradually began to become a haircut and her skin, eyelids, lips and pupils began to change their color.

On the internal interface with muted sound there was a newscast of YR News about the upcoming presentation. Congress Hall was visited by guests, but the girl disregarded it. She knew all the invitees and their list was also displayed in the interface, updating in real time with the notes “arrived”.

One by one, luxurious flyers arrived to the landing pad accompanied by police patrols. Journalist robots flew between them like swarm of cheeky flies . Down deep, drowning in a smog ocean, hiding DownTown.

Flyers became the most powerful people of Yoomiro City. Economists, politicians, bankers, industrialists – they were all Vo Yoomi. But some of the invitees were especially important to Enaya. None of them have yet arrived. It’s understandable that they’re not supposed to be attending events so early, but the mild anxiety has already started to spread.

Shaema approached silently from the side and sat next to the girl. Enaya put her hand on her head automatically and began to stroke the white with black stripes soft tiger fur.

Taking little sips from the glass, the girl was looking thoughtfully out the dress and shoes, with activated effects.

– Shaema, do you like it? – asked the girl and looked at the tiger. She closed her eyes and made pleasant noises, typical of all cats, like thunder in the distance.

– You are shameless, you really need to watch…

– Miss Enaya, Miss Useel will be here soon.7 minutes until arrival.

– Thank you, Lee. As usual?

– Yes, the fourth landing pad.

– Okay.

Enaya finished the rest of the cocktail with one big sip, dressed herself and entered the elevator. Shaema kept up with her. The status indicator in the corner of the internal interface was the same, deep orange-red.

The girl went to the landing pad where the flyer had already been waiting for her. Next to the open door was Useel and the latest Prototype of the Last Generation.

– Miss Enaya, – Useel, with the approach of the girl, bowed her head and sat down in a deep curtsy.

– Miss Enáya Nakimaruto Kun Vo Yoomi, it is a great honor for me to be your pilot today – the prototype respectfully bowed his head and added – thanks for the vote of confidence..

– Hi, Useel,- the girl came up to the prototype and took a good long look at it.

– Do you remember me? – She asked it.

– Yes, Miss Enaya Nakima…

– Just Enaya, or Miss Enn, as a last resort.

– Yes, Miss Enn, I remember you. You and Mr. Satochi Nakimarúto Kun vo Yoomi are my first memory. And I thank you for what you did.

– You don’t have to thank me, it’s Grandpa. He made you. I had nothing to do with this – the girl smiled and went inside the Flyer, but it was clear that she liked the android’s words.

There was Useel, trying to keep a serious look, but it was not very good at it. Shaema sniffed it unceremoniously and with interest, pushing it by a not small head. Useel tried to push away the arrogant tiger and to tell her to back off through his teeth.

– Shaema, get off of Useel. Useel, Shaema knows you have cheese cookies for her, it’s useless to hide.

Enaya almost went into the Flyer when the Prototype told her to stop.

– With all due respect, Miss Enn, but I have to disagree with you. Without you ,I’d be someone else, not who I am now. Or maybe something else …

The girl turned around and looked at him with interest.

Without hesitation, Enaya requested a direct connection to the Prototype, using her personal key.

It slightly bowed its head and the girl immediately gained access to the engineering menu. First of all, she was interested in the results of the first tests conducted at the plant after final assembly.

Quickly running the section on higher nervous activity and finding no deviation, Enaya looked again more closely and did not jump from line to line. Everything was normal. Then she found the results of the second presales preparation test. But even then, everything was normal. They were slightly different from the first ones, but they should be.

– Miss Enaya, is something wrong? I can call another flyer, it will be here in a minute and a half. We’re on time – Useel looked at the girl and the prototype, not realizing what was going on, – and I don’t have any cookies. I really need…

– No, Useel. It’s all right. It’s different… technical stuff…

– Aaaah – The personal assistant of Enáya Nakimaruto told, immediately lost interest in what was happening and entered the flyer. Shaema followed.

– Get off me! I have nothing! Cookies are only for good tigers, and you’re bad… and arrogant!

The girl thought for a moment: what else she could do here and now, and, almost slapped her hand on her forehead, sent a request to Akamaron. ArtIn Yoomi Robotics responded immediately and submitted all reports on this Prototype, including the Marlonte-Vaar test report. The result was negative, although the indicators were good. But it’s not surprising for a last-generation quantum processor.

She sighed and asked:

– Will you get us to the party safe and sound?

– Miss Enn, I will try.

– Well, then flew, – the girl sighed again and shook her head going inside. Well, what kind of rational pilot would answer a woman like that?


NFT Manuscripts

Editions 10/10. Pages 15-32