Bionics are people who actively use bio-genetic engineering to improve/change their body or organism. Theoretically, every Vo is entitled to such actions, but in practice, because of the cost of such procedures and the caste of society, only Ron and Kun are able to do so. They take advantage of these opportunities all the time, for no reason at all, several times a day.

Every Great House has its own designs based on this technology. Some of them are well known and available to anyone with money. Others are closed.

This technology is based on the modification of DNA with the creation of a set of additional «dormant» genes in the human organism which, under the influence of appropriate activators and mutagens, can initiate or stop certain processes in the organism.

Some changes occured very quickly. Others, more complex, require long hours in the engineering med. capsules, the highest class, while expending huge amounts of medical cartridges.

Recovery/treatment of standard human organs is possible in any medical capsule with medical cartridges if there are sufficient cartridges and a license to use SNet protocols for such work.

The creation of standard organs directly in the human body is only available in extended medical capsules.

And the creation of new and unconventional organs and their integration into the human body are just medical capsules of engineering-class capsules available only to Bionics.