Saton is a reverse Replication process. It is most similar to the digitization of physical objects, but at a completely different level. In case of the Satonation, the physical object was destroyed, fallen into minimal possible elements, including molecules, genes, atomic structures, algorithmic and physico-chemical formulas. The Satonation process could also be subject to intangible objects such as music, basic research, books, etc. To this analysis was added all known and reliable information about the object. After that, all that data was packaged by SNet in a single archive called Saton.

Each Saton has its own characteristics and nodes that allow it to connect them in impossible combinations in the real world and to get something new.

For example, you can take Saton Arabian Belly Dance and pick up a nodal corresponding Saton, for example, the moon dust from a particular crater and a fragment of the gene code of the mutated fish, and then you get a group of nodes that will help connect the other group of nodes, for example, solar activity research. All this set of Satons, SNet can accept as working and create a Card of a specialized bot with unique features unknown before.

Such successful combinations are rare but not impossible. One of such combinations is the Card of Dreams, a digital drug that makes the human brain work in a very unconventional format, causing a sense of fierce and unnatural euphoria.

Another application of Satons is policing and respect for copyrights. For example, you created a new engine for the flyer. And deconstruct it, we get a set of Satons (Saton bolt, Saton copper tube, Saton theoretical justification of electron expiration in an ion generator module, etc.). This set of Satons can then be put back together in YRPS and get an engine map for the flyer. In such a scheme of creation, SNet takes Card with almost 100% probability. And if possible grant them the status of «Ready for replication». That is, by sending such a card to an industrial replicator and paying for the resources and time of its use, you will receive a working new engine for the flyer in physical, material form.

Each Saton has its owner – the person or organization that created them/digitized them. This owner can sell or resell like Master Saton (all rights to it and the right to create regular Satons (copies), and simply Satons – copies identical to the Master, but with limited rights).

The same thing with Cards. The Card Master contains all the original Satons and allows you to create Cards (copies). The Cards have the same functionality as the Card Master, only they cannot be modified or copied.

If you create a Card with not Master Saton, then their owners will receive a corresponding percentage of your profits. So-called royalties. This percentage of SNet determines itself, depending on the significance of a particular Saton in the Card.

Also Satons are actively used in all possible design and development of mechanisms, organisms, processes, research, etc.

You can combine not only Satons, but Cards. So the Flyer Card can be gathered from Engine Cards, Power Plant, Control System, etc.

Another application of Satons is resource base management. Corporations, engaged in the mining and the production of raw materials, could conduct emission Satons of their products. It means that if you buy a similar Saton like a brick – you can use it in YRPS to build a wall, or you can trade it for a physical brick in the real world.