Schips are the basic element of constructing SNet and user services within it. It is a microchip, a full-fledged server with its computing power, memory and a set of all necessary instructions and libraries for integration into the SNet.

If you want to make a virtual office or shop, you need a Schip. One or more, depending on the scale. If you want to make a virtual facade or interior of augmented reality- you need a Schip. If you want to make a public YRPS with an individual address (for example, to hold a concert or a virtual analogue of your nightclub) – you need a Schip. If you want to create something by yourself (for example, build a house or grow trees) in your YRPS, you need a Schip.

Schips are produced by YoomiRobotics, but all chips are strictly regulated by the Central Carmitali Bank. They monitor their numbers in SNet and in free circulation.

At the start of the Story, there are eight generations of Schips, varying in power and values. But every Schip is an extremely liquid product. Everyone needs it. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the first generation or the eighth – the demand for any of them is always very high.

People’s lives are fully integrated into the SNet, and to do something in SNet, you need Schips. Plus, unlike the crypt, the movement of Schips from owner to owner is completely untraceable, until activation, of course. That’s why it is the strongest and most desired currency.

The activation of Schip (inclusion it in SNet) is very simple. They are given to Carmitali Bank. The bank plugs it in and from that moment on, the Schip is activated and belongs to the person ( more precisely his computing power and storage) who placed it in the bank.

Schips is not recoverable. That is, after activation – it stays in the bank and in SNet forever. For its services the bank takes a percentage of power from each Schip.

If you don’t have your own, you can rent it from banks or private individuals.

Banks give loans on activated chips, more precisely under available free productive capacity

Ownership of activated chips is sold and bought, but only officially through banks with registration in SNnet. It is not a convenient option for many groups of the population, mainly criminal or working in the grey zone. For this reason, non-activated Schips are the hardest currency, accepted by all and everywhere. The only disadvantage is their small account.