SNet – since then there have been many nets in the Solar Federation. Each Great House had at least its own, but in time they all were extinct, and there was only one created by Satochi Nakimaruto Kun Vo Yoomi, which became common, official and unique to all inhabitants of the Solar system.

Its success owes largely to two factors:

  • The network was neural, the largest and most powerful in the history of mankind, and a guarantor of legality in the Federation and of the integrity of digital, and physical property of citizens. Satochi Nakimaruto, after its creation, didn’t have any resources or the ability to change or manage it. The President of the Solar Federation had the largest and most possible functional, but he could not change it as he wished. Only in the form of laws passed under all the rules of the Solar Federation. Also any official requirements, made by the President, were compiled only by SNet if they were legitimate.
  • Saton protocol in SNet.