YRPS – from (YoomiRobotics Personal Space), an internal space in virtual reality that is given to all residents of Federation connected to SNet of 1×1 size simultaneously with the Simplant installation. This space can be expanded, modified and supplemented.

It is an extended and in-depth version of the internal interface that allows the human brain to work directly with SNet. As a result, the speed of such work increases hundreds of times.

Over 300 years, the program code has become so voluminous and complex that a person simply cannot work directly with it. All interaction with SNet takes place with the help of bots. People use visualization for interaction with bots. In fact, visualization is UI/UX SNet. It can be standard and castemic.

Bots, as well as visualization for them, can be bought, sold and created.

The bots together with the set of visualization are Cards.